Maximum record limit is exceeded reduce the number of records

Normally when we navigating from one view to another view in CRM , CRM will actually showing the results based on the criteria configured in the view. If the result of the queried view is exceeds the default AggregateQueryRecordLimit in CRM then CRM will show the error message like “Maximum record limit is exceeded reduce the number of records”

In order to overcome this we need to update the limit value in MSCRM_Config db.

select ColumnName,IntColumn from DeploymentProperties where ColumnName=’AggregateQueryRecordLimit’

By default IntColumn value is 50000.

To update it we can specify our desired limit like below.

Update DeploymentProperties
Set IntColumn=99999
Where ColumnName=’AggregateQueryRecordLimit’

Note: If we increase the limit there may be a performance degradation happen. Because this limit is applicable across the CRM platform.