Generic function to set default Entity and default view in MultiSelection lookup

*Generic function to set default Entity in Multilookup and Default View
function setDefaultEntityInMultiLookUpAndView(MultiLookUpSchemaName, DefaultEntityObjTypeCode, DefaultLookupEntityObjTypeCode, EntityLookUpImageUrl, ViewGuid) {
document.getElementById(MultiLookUpSchemaName).setAttribute(“defaulttype”, DefaultEntityObjTypeCode);
document.getElementById(MultiLookUpSchemaName).setAttribute(“lookuptypes”, DefaultLookupEntityObjTypeCode);
document.getElementById(MultiLookUpSchemaName).setAttribute(“lookuptypeIcons”, EntityLookUpImageUrl);


pass the parameters to the above function like below

setDefaultEntityInMultiLookUpAndView(“<new_lookupFiledName>”, “2”, “2”, “/_imgs/ico_18_2.gif”, “<View Guid>”);


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