SetState Dynamic Entity – Using MS CRM 2011

SetStae For Entity :

For e.g. While Reactivate the Incident Entity “SetState”

Register this Plugin in Both “SetState” and “SetStateDynamicEntity” on incident entity

Entity caseEntity;
public void Execute(IServiceProvider serviceProvider)
IPluginExecutionContext context = (IPluginExecutionContext)serviceProvider.GetService(typeof(IPluginExecutionContext));
IOrganizationServiceFactory factory = (IOrganizationServiceFactory)serviceProvider.GetService(typeof(IOrganizationServiceFactory));

if (context.InputParameters.Contains(“EntityMoniker”))
// Work with the Moniker
EntityReference targetEntity = (EntityReference)context.InputParameters[“EntityMoniker”];
if (targetEntity.LogicalName != “incident”)
{ return; }
IOrganizationService service = factory.CreateOrganizationService(context.UserId);

switch (context.MessageName)
// Check if entity status is changed
case “SetStateDynamicEntity”:
if (context.InputParameters.Contains(“State”))
EntityReference CaseEntityRef = (EntityReference)context.InputParameters[“EntityMoniker”];

if (((OptionSetValue)context.InputParameters[“State”]).Value == 0)

U can write any logic here

catch (Exception e)
throw new InvalidPluginExecutionException(“An error occured for SetState plugin ” + e.Message + e.InnerException);





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