Display a Reports in a Dashboard –MS Dynamics CRM 2011

Display a Reports in a Dashboard –MS Dynamics CRM 2011

Sometimes there may be a scenario to show our Reports in Dashboard Area of MS CRM . To achieve this please follow the below procedure.

1. Run the report you want to display in a Dashboard.

2. Press F11 Copy the URL that displays in address bar

3. Create a New Dashboard.  Choose any layout that fits in your requirement

4. Insert an IFRAME in the Dashboard.

5.  Paste the above Url after making the following adjustments to it:

  • Remove “http://servername/orgname” . This will make your url relative.
  • Replace “?action=filter” with “?action=run” This will bypass the first step before running the report where CRM asks for some parameters.

for instance, if the original url was:

http://Servername/OrgName/crmreports/viewer/viewer.aspx?action=filter&helpID=My%3f_gridType%3d10004%26etc%3d10004%26id%3d%257..then, you should write:


6. Also, clear checkbox ‘Restrict cross-frame scripting’


7. Use the buttons ‘Increase Width’ and ‘Increase Height’ so as to make the IFRAME fill the whole page of your Dashboard (or just the space it’s supposed to need).


8. Save & Close the Dashboard.

9. Publish the Dashboard.

10. If you want to change the layout depending upon your requirement.

Hope this will help you



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