CRM 2011 AttributeMapping LookUp Using Silverlight Managed Solution In MS CRM 2011

CRM 2011 AttributeMapping

Project Description 
Attribute Mapping from Child Entity Form

This is Silverlight 4 Web Resource Solution

CRM’s Out of Box Functionality
Entity mapping facilitates data entry when creating new records that are related to a parent record. When a Form for a new record that is not associated with a parent record is opened, all the fields in the Form are blank. If there are any required relational constraints to another entity, those fields must be manually filled in before the record can be saved. This is why it is usually easier for the user to add new records from the Parent record
This out of box feature has following limitation
Mapping only works when a new record is created in the context of a parent record. Mapping does not apply if you create a new record outside the context of a parent record.
Solution Provided by Attribute Mapping Utility
Attribute Mapping Utility allows User to carry out Mapping of Lookup fields from Child form. As against out of box feature this mapping can be done either in Create or Update form.


  1. Ribbon Button is available in All Entity Forms.
  2. Ribbon Button is enabled and disabled as per User Access Rights on Entity
  3. Utility automatically read Attribute Mapping metadata stored in CRM. No added configuration is required to do.
  4. Utility automatically reads Lookup fields on Form and its Mapping Attributes.
  5. Silverlight pop-up allows user to select Lookup fields for which mapping is needed
  6. Silverlight pop-up give option to see trace

Known Issues:

  1. Pop-up window is not a Modal Window, I have made it like Modal with some JavaScripts, so user is not allow to edit CRM Entity Form as long as Pop-up is opened. However it does not work pefectly and in some cases allows to work on Parent form.
  2. Mapping for types like Lookup and DateTime is not covered yet.

Demo Screenshots

Ribbon Button for Attribute Mapping

Attribute Mapping Pop-up: Pop-up window shows List of Lookup controls placed onvisible on form

Attribute Mapping Pop-up: There are 3 buttons on pop-up window

1. Submit: This button will map all selected Lookup attributes and it will show Trace window to show some more details. This button will not automatically close the Pop-up window.

2. Submit & Close: This button will map all selected Lookup attributes and automatically close the Pop-up window.

3. Close: This will simple close Pop-up window without mapping any Lookup attributes.


Suresh Kumar D

Url taken from and you may download the Managed Solution from


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